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Let's fight food insecurity in KwaZulu Natal together.

We are Leap of Faith, a registered Non-Profit organization focused on fighting food insecurity in South Africa. On 12 June 2021, we started a  PPPC Program (Peace, Prosperity, Progress Collective), a volunteer-driven citizen movement in response to a developing food insecurity crisis in the KZN province of South Africa.


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Our mission is to “Take food to the people”  by creating a sustainable food value chain that uses existing food networks while creating an opportunity for young suppliers to plug into the supply. In the coming months and years, the biggest challenge in averting hunger in rural and per urban communities within KZN would be the lack of networks to deliver food to the beneficiaries quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

PPPC is created to solve this problem by creating a food distribution system that is simple, sustainable, and responsive.

Our Solution

The PPPC Food and Seed banks deliver food and donations to rural communities in a fast,
efficient and sustainable manner using existing community networks and creating rural based jobs and businesses.

A PPPC food bank

is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger.

A PPPC seed bank

is a non-profit division that focusses on establishing local fresh produce suppliers who will produce food that will be distributed and purchased from ..

Our Partners

PPPC Food security “pulse” system in a live food security network that every community will update to indicate food availability and need, allowing areas with food surplus to respond and sell/donate produce and necessities to areas with a shortage and also provide the provincial government with a tool to direct and donations. Below are our partners

Food Movers

Our existing provincial transportation network, this network previously focused on moving

Food Bank Points
- Ingonyama Trust -

Our existing local house of traditional leaders who have the royal courts infrastructure with

Beneficiary Outreach
- Onompilo from DOH -

These are community health workers available in every district of KZN that can assist in

Food Retailers
The Supply

These are community health workers available in every district of KZN that can assist in and a

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