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We are Leap of Faith.

We are Leap of Faith, a registered Non-Profit organization focused on fighting food insecurity in South Africa.


Our mission is to "Take food to the people" by creating a sustainable food value chain that uses existing food networks while creating an opportunity for young suppliers to plug into the supply.

 In the coming months and years, the biggest challenge in averting hunger in rural and per urban communities within KZN would be the lack of networks to deliver food to the beneficiaries quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

PPPC is created to solve this problem by creating a food distribution system that is simple, sustainable, and responsive.

Our Solution

The PPPC Food and Seed banks deliver food and donations to rural communities in a fast,
efficient and sustainable manner using existing community networks and creating rural based jobs and businesses.

A PPPC food bank

is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger. The PPPC banks will be stocked with donated food for designated voucher beneficiaries as well as supply low cost staples and fresh produce for the wider communities to purchase

A PPPC seed bank

is a non-profit division that focusses on establishing local fresh produce suppliers who will produce food that will be distributed and purchased from the food banks. For each site the seeds collective works with local leadership to identify existing gardens, provide them with start-up seedling and process training to ensure higher food yield and small scale commercial farming skills. The local foodbank becomes the market that will buy and distribute from the seedbank collective.

Our Partners

PPPC Food security “pulse” system in a live food security network that every community will update to indicate food availability and need, allowing areas with food surplus to respond and sell/donate produce and necessities to areas with a shortage and also provide the provincial government with a tool to direct and donations. Below are our partners

Food Movers - SANTANCO, KZN

Our existing provincial transportation network, this network previously focused on moving communities to food retail centres, through the PPPC partnership the taxi industry will serve as a backbone to carry food and supplies to the communities, plugged into the PPPC pulse network and delivering from urban depot centres into the foodbanks and from the seedbanks into the supply value chain.

Food Bank Points - Ingonyama Trust

Our existing local house of traditional leaders who have the royal courts infrastructure with access to water, electricity and security will be the first choice home of the foodbanks. Through this partnership PPPC secures access physical spaces to serve as food distribution centres, places that are associated with security, authority and that can be protected by the communities as their most accessible point of food supply.

Beneficiary Outreach - Onompilo from DOH

These are community health workers available in every district of KZN that can assist in establishing and updating the food voucher beneficiary lists. These case workers can also serve to perform the last mile delivery service to the old and child headed households

Food Retailers - The Supply

These are community health workers available in every district of KZN that can assist in and a strong relationship with retailers will enable the PPPC to become an outreach arm for the distribution of both donated food from retailers and ultimately establish a supply nerve into rural communities that will enable easy access to affordable foods, expanding the retailer distribution network whilst integrating local produce in the product mix.

The Project team

The PPPC is an project founded, managed and run by volunteers, it has a board of directors who were the initial project team that is responsible for the development of the solution and getting it into an operational stage. Meet the team that moved food to people, responding in crisis and creating a new, sustainable food chain and helping communities overcome food insecurity and create sustainable jobs.

Leap of Faith

Zibu Masotobe

Executive chairman and CEO of Leap of Faith NPO

Meet the founder

Zibu MaSotobe is a Global influential leader as awarded by the AACSB, a Mandela Washington Fellow as awarded by president Barak Obama YALI program and has been recognise by Standard Bank as one of the Top Women in the public sector in South Africa. 

She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Stellenbosch business school, a certificate in Public Administration from Syracuse university in New York as well as a certificate in business for IESEG College in Paris France.

Through the project Zibu is committed to constructing a whole new approach to community upliftment, rooted in economic empowerment, combatting financial illiteracy, restoring dignity, offering redemption, and also addressing critical issues that hamper transformation in the formal economy in SA.

Leap of Faith

Senzekile Msomi

Director Seedbank Project

Leap of Faith

Langa Zulu

Technology Solutions

Leap of Faith

Thokomele Zungu

Director Seedbank Project

Leap of Faith


Technology Solutions

Leap of Faith

Tyzo Khoza

Chief Operations

Leap of Faith

Bukelani Dlezi

BDA Accountants

Leap of Faith

Moipone Ngwane

Chief Operations

Leap of Faith

Ad. Neo Mahlako

Legal Counsel

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